My name is Elise Terrell. I am part of the MAOCR family. I played soccer up until my second year of college when I severely injured my knee, again. I was told that if I continued to play, I would run the risk of not being able to walk without a third knee reconstructive surgery. Not knowing how to pay for college, I ended up running track for Butler County Community College. It was then that I decided I needed to focus on my career instead of sports. I joined the Air National Guard part-time and continued my education at Wichita State University. I continued to run races in town, but I never thought about running OCR until a couple years ago. I was bored of running the same road races in town and not setting any goals for myself. I signed up for a race called Hard Charge three days before the event and got 2nd place! I never thought I would have so much fun running and I also met the nicest people. 

It was there I met Greg, Sheila, and Troy, the core of my MAOCR family. I then decided to get my third knee reconstructive surgery to continue running OCRs at an elite level. After a year of recovery and having gotten quite out of shape, Greg, Sheila, and Troy asked me to visit their new training facility, Extreme Obstacle Course Training (XOT), and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve now run multiple CTGs and numerous other OCRs. I love my new passion. I race because of the wonderful friends I have made and the confidence I have gotten back in myself. MAOCR has pushed me farther than I would have thought possible and they never let me quit.

Benjamin DeBell