My name is Jonathan White. I am part a member of MAOCR and part of the #ctgfamily. I have five-year-old daughter and three year old twins, a boy and a girl. They are my motivation for everything I do. They want to ‘run fast like dad’ and I want nothing less of them… they don’t know I’m slow yet! My kids and my wife and my teammates are my inspiration, and I strive to always better myself for them. I want to be someone they want to talk about. I want to do something they want to share with others. I want them to lead a healthy and fun life and I see OCR as a way to get them and everyone else there. Last year, I ran OCRs all over the country, many of which I never dreamed of doing only two years ago.  Most people know me as the goof ball, the loud, funny kid or that weird guy over there, and I love that. I want to be the smile when others are frowning! I plan on running my first full marathon this year and hope to actually run fast enough this year to qualify for OCRWC. I am training hard and can’t wait for the Wichita CTG. Come run with us and join the family!

Benjamin DeBell