My name is Lydia Watts. I am in the process of a dramatic weight loss journey. This all started when I attended a Tough Mudder™ to watch my friend and her boyfriend run the race. The plan was to just attend this race and spectate and then start training for another race after this one. I ended up meeting Brian McDonough at that race. He told me about the MAOCR group and CTG. I joined the group and everyone was so encouraging and helpful. I began training and finally was able to meet everyone at a race. I was so scared and excited all at the same time. At CTG Tulsa, everyone was so patient and supportive. I tried every obstacle and I felt fearless. I fell off many obstacles and had to have help, but I always got back up and I smiled the entire way. I enjoyed every second on that course. I learned that day how strong I am and that I could conquer anything life threw at me. My life had meaning again and I knew I could change myself for the better.


I now workout six days a week and I just started working out two times a day five days a week. Right now, my mission is to be able conquer stairway to heaven before the season ends. 
When I feel like I can’t do anymore, I think about how bad I want to do it, that’s what keeps me going. CTG set a fire in me that rainy day in Tulsa. It was my first OCR race ever. Since that race, I have accumulated a lot of medals. I have run a half marathon, a Spartan Beast™, and a Tough Mudder™ all in the same month, something I though I could never do. Asthma has held me back from doing a lot of things, but that day I ran my first CTG, I vowed to myself I will never be held back again. I intend to keep that promise to myself. Make a promise to yourself today. Come join us!

Benjamin DeBell