My name is Stephanie Pigg, I am 23 years old and a native of Lubbock, Texas. As a child, I was always overweight and I never saw myself as an athlete. At some point, I just got sick of it, sick of that life, sick of feeling that way. I knew there was more for me out there. I took control of my habits and lost 80 pounds. I continued this healthy lifestyle and even earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise, Sports, Science, and Nutrition from Texas Tech University. I am now a personal trainer and aspiring softball coach. I have always had a strong interest in OCRs from the moment I heard about them. I love the challenges they provide. They force me to dig deep into my true character and find my inner strength. You can train for OCRs all the time, but they never seem to become too easy, every course is different, every challenge unique. I have learned that training your body is a major part, but training the mind to push your body beyond your breaking point is the key. I actually became interested in OCRs back in high school because they offered climbing and obstacles instead of just pure running like many races. OCRs have a different challenge to them, an all-around all body challenge. I love the rough and toughness of OCRs and the ability to just find a way to finish. I can’t wait for the 2016 season to see what challenges I can overcome on the course!